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Duration5 Day(s)
Delivery MethodInstructor-led
Scheduled Dates
  • 26/06/2017 Central Sheffield 5 Day(s) £895 - See Special Offers!
  • Weekend 16/09/2017 Central Sheffield (Part One) 2 Day(s) £1195
  • Weekend 23/09/2017 Central Sheffield (Part Two) 2 Day(s)
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Rezound provide official P2FP PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner training for Sheffield, London, Leeds, Manchester, Yorkshire and at your site in the UK.

Course Details


Here is an excellent opportunity to gain or formalise your project management skills. PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a structured method for effective project management. It is a de facto standard used extensively in the UK and internationally. PRINCE2 offers best-practice guidance on project management. The PRINCE2 method is flexible and adaptable for any type and size of project and offers excellent management foundation for any member of staff.

This is an examination-based PRINCE2 instructor led training course. Delegates will attain accreditation at PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner level. Delegates will be provided with pre-study materials which need to be completed before the course. Some evening study will be required during the course to assist in preparation of the exam.

The training equips delegates with a detailed knowledge of the PRINCE2 methodology, working through each stage of pre-project preparation and the project lifecycle.

Here are some key features of our PRINCE2 Sheffield Course to compare and contrast with other providers:

  • 100% Foundation Pass Rate for our In-House Trainer with typically 100% Practitioner Pass Rate per event!
  • Trainer available to meet and discuss the course prior to you booking
  • Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Preferred Supplier
  • Maximum of 10 Attendees
  • Air Conditioned Room for Examinations
  • Quality Lunch and Refreshments Included
  • S1 Postcode Centre with Parking Available

Legal Notice

PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited. Used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

PRINCE2® courses are facilitated in partnership with Raj Khanna Associates Limited, who are an Accredited Training Organisation with APMG-International.

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We have listed as many of the primary ones as possible and continually update our database - please contact us for further information.

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This course is suitable for project managers, project support, team members and managers from any discipline.

Senior managers will also benefit from understanding how decision-support information is created and passed to appropriate managers. No prior experience is necessary.

At Course Completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits and principles underlying a structured approach to project management
  • Apply the principles of PRINCE2 within a work environment
  • Operate effectively with colleagues and managers within a structured project management environment
  • Demonstrate their PRINCE2 Practitioner status


Before attending this course, students should ideally have:

  • There are no prerequisites.


  • The PRINCE2 Manual:'Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2' published by TSO
  • Comprehensive APMG Accredited Courseware and On-line Resources
  • Pre-reading Guidance
  • PRINCE2 Foundation Examination
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner Examination

Course Outline

The course is a mixture of input and practical sessions, delivered by an APM Group approved trainer with practical experience of project management. A pre-event preparation pack including reading and specially written software will be sent to everyone attending this event. The course is built around the latest APM Group syllabus and features an interesting case study and relevant examples to illustrate the PRINCE2 method and help delegates understand its concepts.

Day One

Initially there's an overview of PRINCE2 including a review of the pre-reading material which includes the Principles, Themes and Processes of PRINCE2.

The course then continues in a series of highly interactive sessions which include the first four of the themes.

Lessons and Activities

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Introduction to Processes, Themes, Techniques
  • Overview of Processes
  • Business Case Theme
  • Organisation Theme
  • Quality Theme - including the Quality Review Technique
  • Plans Theme - including the Product Based Planning Technique
  • Evening work - consolidation and review of day's learning

Day Two

Day Two begins with a review of the previous day's learning. The course then continues with the remaining themes: Risk, Change and Progress. Foundation level test questions are provided for assessment and feedback is provided. The PRINCE2 Processes are presented and discussed at Foundation Level.

Lessons and Activities

  • Review of Day One
  • Risk Theme
  • Change Theme
  • Progress Theme
  • PRINCE2 Project Journey - the Processes discussed at Foundation Level
  • Evening work - consolidation reading and mock Foundation Examination

Day Three

Day Three involves further consolidation and understanding of the PRINCE2 Project Journey and reinforces knowledge of the Themes and how they are relevant at the Foundation Level.

The Foundation Examination is sat in the afternoon.

Lessons and Activities

  • Daily Review
  • PRINCE2 Project Journey in greater depth
  • Facilitated personal revision time
  • PRINCE2 Foundation Examination - details below:
  • Evening work - PRINCE2 Practitioner mock questions

PRINCE2 2009 Foundation Examination

  • 1 Hour Duration
  • 75 questions (NB 5 Trial Questions Included)
  • Multiple Choice Format
  • Closed Book

Day Four

Attendees will now be knowledgeable in PRINCE2 to a minimum of Foundation level and will have succeeded in the Foundation Examination which forms the prerequisite for the latter section of the course.

Practitioner level study commences in earnest with emphasis on the Project Journey, the Management Products,

Lessons and Activities

  • Daily Review
  • Practitioner Examination Technique - Structure and Best Approach
  • In-Depth Project Journey and Management Products
  • Practise Questions and Feedback
  • Evening Work

Day Five

Attendees will now be well versed in the 'Project Journey' and will further study the PRINCE2 Management Products and Project Roles. Following this there is a period of review before sitting the PRINCE2 Practitioner Examination.

Lessons and Activities

  • In-Depth Analysis of Management Products and Project Roles
  • Practitioner Examination Facilitated Revision
  • Practitioner Examination - see below:
  • Close

PRINCE2 2009 Practitioner Examination

  • 2.5 Hour Duration
  • Objective Test
  • Open book (PRINCE2 Manual only)

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