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QA Training - View Before Purchasing Training

QA Training have TWO Websites - owned entirely by them, selling the exact same product at two massively different prices! Entirely contradicting their website value pledges.

For an example they charge £1869 on one site and £995 on the other. Same course, same date, same address!

From QA's Own Video - Staff Discuss Perks including Trips Abroad!


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In the table below we've provided an example set of list prices (exclusive of VAT) directly from the provider's websites (Last update: 26/04/2016) for comparison.

PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner£995£1869£1285
AgilePM Foundation & Practitioner£1195£2239£1465
CompTIA A+ (Accelerated)£1095£2720N/A
MS 20461 Querying Microsoft SQL Server£1295£1995N/A
MS 20410 Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012£995£2056N/A
OD 10961 Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell (MOC On-Demand)£295£495N/A

FAQ for Quality and Training Approach

Pricing is one important criterion amongst a number of key indicators of quality. Sales integrity, class size and management and trainer ability all have an impact. Additionally its worth researching the organisation's pass rate and pre-reading and evening work requirements where these factor in the course's delivery.

Why do some providers charge so much more?

Historically IT and related training has had a significant price tag and whilst there has been some good reasons for this there has certainly been a high profit motivation. Its no accident that the largest UK training providers are owned by private equity organisations from the UK and US. Recent history has demonstrated a series of acquisitions leaving very few competitors and this has been followed by price rises well in excess of the rate of inflation. One example of this is the buyout of Xpertise, a substantial alternative provider, by QA in late 2008.

Take an example five day training event sold at list price and filled to capacity: 16 seats at £2,195 per head - totalling £35,120 for just one classroom! Consider having multiple such events each week at over a dozen locations and its easy to see just how attractive an investment this is.

Naturally a training provider has also to invest to ensure that its learners benefit from talented, motivated trainers and that the infrastructure, course material, facilities and indeed the whole experience meets and ideally exceeds expectations. The costs for equipment, communications and facilities are much lower in real terms than they were ten years ago so with prudent cost and quality control there is every reason why quality training should be affordable.

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Are there standard indicators of quality to allow comparison?

All the major vendors have a direct interest in their products being correctly utilised and hence almost all have developed recognisable, consistent and typically branded, training programmes. This encompasses the trainers, the courseware, the course set-up, the facilities, interfacing to the customers and of course the examination processes. An example would be Microsoft's Learning Competency which stipulates measurable quality criteria for the entire envelope of the training engagement.

Following on from the training the certification processes are also tightly quality controlled with some, in the cases of key Microsoft and CompTIA certifications, having proved themselves with the rigour of the ANSI/ISO process. Other quality processes are in use with UKAS monitoring and controlling PRINCE2, as an example.

The result is that an official training provider has, by definition, to meet very high and continuously enforceable standards. This levels the playing-field and high-end pricing is more to do with sales and marketing techniques influencing perceptions rather than any objective measure.

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Can additional value be added?

Learning, particularly for adults, is a complex process where the greater environment, materials and instructor competence all have their place. Prime motivators include the appropriateness and timing of the training and the personal benefit for the learner.

Rezound's approach is to add additional value wherever possible. In the case of Microsoft courses this includes additional information on the use of products for 'real world' scenarios and where certification is a goal, we include recommended examination preparation materials from MeasureUp and orientation to the examination process.

Learner comfort is essential and we help with the logistics of our training events by including information on travel, accommodation, restaurants and other amenities.

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Which leading organisations utilise Rezound?

Rezound is already the most competitively priced provider in Europe for many mainstream course offerings whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality, independently measured on behalf of the product authors including Microsoft. Most of our business comes from 'word of mouth' recommendation and from a very wide geographical area with learners from the UK, Europe, the Middle East and beyond. Our current customer base includes private individuals and some of the world's major organisations including:

  • Capita
  • Dell
  • Esri
  • NHS
  • Skype

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