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Updated 15/3/2017

Below, we discuss the need for project management and related project roles. We also describe why achieving your project management qualification matters.

What's in the blog?

Project Management - What It is Not

Maybe you've watched with amusement/horror as the candidates on The Apprentice trample over each other while demonstrating their 'project management' skills. Often the result is a less than fit-for-purpose solution and the team resort to back-biting and recrimination.

Grand Designs almost always concludes with an amazing build though its rarely on time and on budget. Unlike in the real world, extra funding magically appears at the last minute.

Both shows make compelling viewing though neither meet the ideals of true project management. You'll know you can do better, even distinguish yourself.

Project Management - What It is and How to Become Qualified

At its simplest, project management is getting people to achieve an on time and on budget solution that brings true value.

To progress as a Project Manager without a formal qualification, such as PRINCE2® or AgilePM®, is difficult. Yet achieving a Practitioner qualification only takes around a week of study, or just two weekends with Rezound and brings all the benefits and satisfaction of recognition.

Importantly, it will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of the requirements of project roles within a given organisation - these roles are equally important. Qualification is a key building block in your career in a project role and provides a framework for your insight, creativity and people skills.

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Isn't It just for IT Projects?

PRINCE2 Training London Sheffield Weekend

Project Management skills are as old as human society. The Great Pyramid, The Colosseum and Machu Picchu are all the result of project work.

Modern equivalents exist in construction but now IT, Healthcare, Business Transformation and Marketing related projects, to name just a few examples areas, are commonplace. More than ever there's a need for successful teams to develop solutions and the best examples have just the right balance of project management in place.

'Agile' Projects don't need Project Management

By definition a project is a temporary organisation put in place to achieve a goal. Careful management of the project's budget and its alignment with the business need is obviously going to be key.

An organisation utilising Agile methods will empower the development team to a level that allows them to develop the solution efficiently. A 'lighter touch' from the project manager may be expected and learning the subtleties brings dividends.

Reasons to Study with Rezound

  • Highest UK Pass Rates with Low Prices
  • Small 'non-hybrid' Classes - Ten Attendees Maximum
  • Highly Interactive Learning - Including Self-Study, Weekend and Blended Learning
  • Minimal Pre-Reading and Evening Work - Tired Learners don't Learn!
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  • AgilePM® Course Schedule
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AgilePM® or PRINCE2® - Which Qualification is Best for Me?

Both qualifications have great value. If your organisation utilises one then possibly this will be the best choice though differentiating yourself may have multiple benefits.

Agile methods are increasing popular which may mean AgilePM is appropriate. A little known fact is that PRINCE2 (2009 - the current version) is 'Agile Enabled'. Rezound emphasise this as it makes the method even more useful and also understandable.

View the articles below for further detail or contact us to discuss your requirements with our trainer.

  • AgilePM® Qualification Training Options and How to Book Your Course
  • PRINCE2® Qualification Training Options and How to Book Your Course

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Led by our experienced and authorised APMG Trainer, you'll gain insight into the fundamentals of how both PRINCE2 and AgilePM enable delivery of value in organisations requiring standards, rigour and visibility around Project Management whilst providing flexibility.

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*Reed UK Salary Survey 25/10/2016 for project management specialism - average £55,308. Increase of £2,714 from 2015.

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