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Updated 15/3/2017

Project Management skills are in demand - banking, construction, healthcare, IT plus many other sectors can all benefit.

Key Benefits from Adopting PRINCE2

  • Can be applied to any type of project within any industry sector
  • Widely recognized and understood - a common vocabulary for all involved in a project
  • The 'de facto' standard for project management - an excellent CV enhancer
  • Generic best practice method tailorable to the specific needs of all projects - including Agile delivery

PRINCE2 2017 Refresh: What's New & How does it Affect You?

AXELOS have announced a refresh of PRINCE2. Below in the blog we cover the key points:

  • How much has PRINCE2 changed and what are the key updates?
  • Should I study PRINCE2 2009 or PRINCE2 2017?
  • I'm due to renew my registration - what should I do?
  • Has the exam format changed and are they harder?

Quick Comparison - PRINCE2® Training Providers - Weekday Event

ProviderClass Capacity / MakeupDurationPass RateList Price (Ex. VAT)
  • 16 Physical Classroom
  • 16 combined Physical & Virtual
5 DaysNot on website£1869 - QA Website 15/3/2017
  • 10 Physical Classroom
  • 8 Weekend Classroom
  • 8 Pure Virtual Classroom
5 Days100% Foundation / Excellent Practitioner £995 - multiple offers available

What's in the blog?

Overview and Benefits of PRINCE2

PRINCE2® Overview Video

View this short video for an overview of our Weekend, Weekday and Blended PRINCE2 training offerings. This video is currently a draft version (20/10/2016).

Our Blended Training Videos are presented by Mr. Raj Khanna and are in-depth and focussed on developing your PRINCE2 skills.


PRINCE2 can be applied to any type of project within any industry sector. Here's a summary of the key benefits:

  • Project delivery confidence
  • Common language
  • Customer focussed
  • Delivers reliability
  • Supports cross-functional working
  • Deliver what the business needs
  • Scaleable
  • Adaptable
  • Flexible control at an appropriate level of rigour
  • Career development
  • Community of users
  • Part of an integrated set - including ITIL, PRINCE2 Agile, etc.

The method is widely recognized and understood and so provides a common vocabulary for all those involved in a project, which helps effective communication. The method also provides for the explicit recognition of project responsibilities so that participants understand each other's roles and needs. There is a defined structure for accountability, delegation, authority and communication.

The development of PRINCE2 was driven by the feedback from end-users, project management specialists and a review panel of 150 public and private sector organizations. This has resulted in a generic best practice method which is flexible enough to be tailored to the specific needs of different organizations for all projects, including Agile delivery.

PRINCE2 is compatible with all other project management qualifications as it provides the technical structure of the framework for the project, which will complement the softer skills gained from appropriate training.

PRINCE2 2017 Update

Developed through a collaborative approach involving over 100 Practitioners, trainers and consultants:

  • PRINCE2’s familiar structure of seven principles, themes and processes remains
  • Publication of NEW PRINCE2 guidance, easier to navigate and more practical in its approach
  • NEW Foundation exam is leaner with a much clearer focus on the core of PRINCE2
  • NEW Practitioner exam with a renewed focus on equipping Practitioners with the practical skills to apply PRINCE2

PRINCE2 now puts a stronger emphasis on:

  • Tailoring the method to the needs of organizations and project environments
  • The principles that underpin the method
  • The links between themes and principles
  • Practical application of guidance, with numerous examples, hints and tips

Includes specific guidance on:

  • Identifying the minimum requirement for a PRINCE2 project
  • Making selective, but optimum use of PRINCE2’s elements to suit the scale of your project
  • Agile adoption, making reference to PRINCE2 Agile® where relevant

If you currently hold a PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate, it will remain valid until the end of its five-year period.It is well worth familiarizing yourself with all the updates. You can review the new guidance – Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 and you can also join AXELOS’ PRINCE2 Membership programme, which offers exclusive insights into the update and the changes that have been made.

The update also heralds a new way for PRINCE2 Practitioners to keep themselves up to date with the latest thinking and to advance their professional development: This new programme will be linked to PRINCE2 membership (CPD as an option).

Key Benefits

  • Meet the needs of your organization, project and your professional role – even if you are not a full-time project manager
  • Completely scalable: New focus on tailoring to suit each individual project
  • Leverage the real-life expertise of the global PRINCE2 community through guidance that is practical, accessible, authoritative and relevant
  • New exams, highlighting real-world application, will equip you more comprehensively for success in project management
  • The updated PRINCE2 enhances your value as a project manager, today and in the years to come

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How does the Certification Process Work?

There are two key PRINCE2 exams - Foundation and Practitioner. We'll make sure you're well prepared for these.

During the full course we provide training to cover the Foundation and Practitioner levels and work through a representative project journey, ensuring understanding of each element and how they work together.

Practice exams are provided and feedback given to help with your preparation.

For physically attended classes we provide paper-based exams. For virtually attended courses the exams are computer based.

Foundation Level

This level provides the users of the method with the core principles needed to facilitate a successful project and is a prerequisite for the practitioner level.

Foundation Exam Format:

  • Multiple choice format
  • 75 questions per paper
  • 5 questions to be trial and not counted in scores
  • 35 marks required to pass (out of 70 available) - 50%
  • 60 minutes duration
  • Closed book

PRINCE2 2017 Update: Foundation Exam

AXELOS has taken steps to make the exam more efficient and focus more clearly on the core of PRINCE2. The major changes include:

  • Elements of the exam that are not part of the core have been removed (such as configuration management, which is now not described within the method) and assessment criteria around tailoring have been added (such as what must be applied from each theme in order to be adopting PRINCE2 in a project environment)
  • The emphasis on different parts of the syllabus has been readjusted, for example the principles feature more prominently, and there is a more equal weighting amongst the seven themes
  • Improvements to the exam design have been made, such as reducing the number of negative and list questions, and the number of questions on a paper has been reduced from 75 to 60.

Practitioner Level

The practitioner level empowers, encourages and equips you with an in-depth knowledge of how to apply and implement these principles into the life of a project manager on a daily basis.

You'll need to hold the PRINCE2 Foundation prior to sitting the Practitioner level examination.

Practitioner Exam Format:

  • Objective testing
  • 4 questions per paper, 20 marks available per question
  • 40 marks required to pass (out of 80 available) - 50%
  • 2.5 hours duration
  • Open book (restricted to the official manual only) examination

PRINCE2 2017 Update: Practitioner Exam

There is renewed focus on ensuring that candidates have the ability to apply PRINCE2 practically in a given project environment and increase the value gained from using the method. The major changes include:

  • The Practitioner exam will now test candidates on all parts of the PRINCE2 method
  • The emphasis on different parts of the syllabus has been readjusted, for example there are questions specifically around the principles, and the number of questions about management products has been reduced
  • The candidate is now tested on the general application of the core of each theme and process (at Bloom’s level 3), and on their practical ability to assess, in a particular context, whether an approach to project management is effective and fit for purpose (at Bloom’s level 4)
  • Improvements to the exam design have been made, such as reducing the amount of ‘additional information’ needed to answer the questions, removing assertion reason and multiple response questions, and reducing the number of marks to 75

PRINCE2 2017 Update: Reregistration

For current Practitioners the registration period remains at 5 years. Should you need to reregister it may be beneficial to sit the PRINCE2 2009 Reregistration exam as you will then have a further 5 years of registration. Currently there is no 2017 Reregistration exam.

What are My Training Options?

Rezound have a 100% Pass Rate for PRINCE2 Foundation and the highest UK pass rate for Practitioner. We're happy to discuss on-site and closed-course deliveries for your team.

PRINCE2 2017 Update: Current Status and Advice

The PRINCE2 2017 Update is part of the evolution of PRINCE2. This ensures it will continue to be relevant for all levels of project across all disciplines. The current exams will be discontinued towards the end of 2017. From then the Practitioner will have a 3 (rather than 5) year registration period. To keep registered the Practitioner will need to sit the full Practitioner exam and or maintain a level of CPD - we'll provide further details in update to the blog.

The 2017 Update is not as yet mainstream and so for the 2017 Q1 & Q2 the advice is to continue with PRINCE2 2009 (the current version).

Please feel free to contact us for further details. The blog will be updated frequently with additional guidance - subscribe now to keep up-to-date!

We've a number of flexible delivery options by which you can achieve PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner or your Re-registration:

  1. Classroom-based courses - weekday and weekend
  2. Virtual Classroom course schedule (Attend Virtually) - weekday and weekend
  3. Blended Training - complete an initial guided, video-based, self-study programme then attend a highly focussed classroom

Option 1: PRINCE2 Classroom Training

Effective, excellent value, face-to-face training. Rezound have a 100% pass rate for PRINCE2 Foundation and utilise the latest techniques to help you understand, retain and apply your new knowledge.

Our classrooms are learner-centric and we present using multiple forms of media with frequent, gentle assessments that allow you to understand your progress while you build your knowledge.

Key features of our classroom courses:

  • Efficient, structured, training delivered by an expert PRINCE2 Trainer
  • Authorised courseware, practise exams and the Official PRINCE2 Manual
  • Official Examinations included
  • Minimal evening work
  • Forward facing classroom equipped with multiple training media
  • Maximum of 10 attendees - many providers seat 16 or more people
  • Light refreshments included

Option 2: PRINCE2 Virtual Classroom Training

Cost and time efficient virtual training using the latest technology. Using our highly successful classroom training techniques with delivery timings and exercises optimised for true online delivery.

NB The course is purely online - some providers deliver with physical and virtual attendees on the same event. Online and classroom learner attention spans vary considerably due to the nature of the media and a mixed class requires substantial timing and interaction compromises.

Key features of our classroom courses:

  • Efficient, structured, true virtual training delivered by an expert PRINCE2 Trainer
  • Authorised courseware, practise exams and the Official PRINCE2 Manual
  • Official Examinations included - taken online
  • Minimal evening work
  • Maximum of 8 attendees - many providers seat 16 or more people and mix physical and virtual attendees!

Option 3: PRINCE2 Blended Training

Guided video-based self-study with our expert PRINCE2 trainer presenting all you need for the Foundation-level syllabus.

Once you've studied to Foundation-level, you attend a two day focussed event which begins with the paper-based Foundation examination. The training then continues taking you through the Practitioner-level and concludes with the Practitioner paper-based examination.

Key features of our blended courses:

  • Cost and time efficient video-based self-study to Foundation-level
  • Focussed Practitioner-level classroom training
  • Authorised courseware, practise exams and the Official PRINCE2 Manual
  • Official Examinations included - taken during the class
  • Minimal evening work
  • Maximum of 10 attendees - many providers seat 16 or more people and mix physical and virtual attendees!

Lowest Prices and How to Book

Rezound offer much lower prices than the main national provider advertises. We believe that small, highly focussed classes provide the most effective route to your goal of achieving PRINCE2.

For our current pricing, see our schedule via the link below. Special offers, with significant further savings, are indicated for particular events.

To book a course, simply contact us.

Learn More for FREE - Online and In-Person Briefings - attend for discount!

Attend a FREE Project Management awareness briefing (Advanced Bookings Only*) to learn more!

  • Central London Dates TBC 5.30pm until 7.00pm at Citadines, 94-99 High Holborn, London WC1V 6LF
  • Central Sheffield Dates TBC 5.30pm until 7.00pm at Rezound
  • Online Sessions Weekend, Weekday and Evening Sessions at Your Convenience
* Please contact us to book your place

Led by our experienced and authorised APMG Trainer, you'll gain insight into the fundamentals of how both PRINCE2 and AgilePM enable delivery of value in organisations requiring standards, rigour and visibility around Project Management whilst providing flexibility.

  • Attendees will qualify for a 10% discount* when they book an AgilePM or PRINCE2 course!
  • Light refreshments are provided
* not in conjunction with other offers

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