Crowd-Train Initiative - Update Pending

The Crowd-Train Initiative proposes a new, technology driven, model to provide realistically priced essential IT training and certification for businesses and individuals.

Ideally, the initiative will be developed and administered by a not for profit organisation. An MP has been approached to help provide advice, backing and impetus.

Post Brexit the UK is at risk of losing the substantial skills provided by European workers and in any case, suffers from a gap in provision for realistically priced vendor skills training and certification. An affordable, requirements driven, agile, learning and development provision that can keep pace with a fast changing world is needed.

While there's excellent provision in place for longer term apprenticeship programmes and for raising occupational standards, a more immediate solution appears to be missing.

The goal of Crowd-Train is take a UK-Wide view and provide core IT and Business Skills at a frequency, location and price that meets the real demand across the UK. Discussions with a statistical analysis consultancy have shown a workable solution is attainable.

The timescale for the above is to have in place a proof of concept solution that incorporates a flexible, open, vendor orientated provision that prevents intermediary players from dominating the market, often to the point of monopoly. One of the major providers have raised their price for a standard vendor course by 6% in the last 8 months alone - bear in mind the current inflation rate is 1.6%.

The provision will be open to businesses, individuals and importantly, local government and NHS where 'preferred supplier agreements' have clearly led to inflexibility and inefficiency. A number of recent examples have been documented and will be published.

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