Rezound 'Attend Virtually' - True Virtual Training and Certification!

Value-Focused, Requirements Driven Online Training

Introducing our newly extended virtual training with greatly increased bandwidth and system resources.

The technology utilised provides not just the ability to attend from anywhere but to achieve from anywhere. You're able to study in a true online and real-time learning environment and you're now also able to take your exams in your own office or home!

Quick Comparison - 'Attend from Anywhere' to 'Attend Virtually'

Training Provider / ProductTraining PlatformClass Size / MakeupHands-On Equipment
QA / 'Attend from Anywhere'Citrix GoToMeeting16 combined Physical & Virtual AttendeesQA Managed
Rezound / 'Attend Virtually'Citrix GoToMeeting or GoToTraining8 Attendees - Virtual OnlyCommercial UK Data Centre Hosted & Managed or Microsoft Hosted
Attend from Anywhere courses

What's in the blog?

  • Key Features of Rezound's Attend Virtually
  • Why Virtual Attendees Only?
  • Which courses are available
  • Rezound's 'Hands-On Labs' environment - real-time demonstration videos

Why Virtual Attendees Only?

Major factors separate a standard, physically present set of learners from virtual attendees. These include well documented differences in attention spans, spatial differences, physical viewpoint differences, audio channel differences and so on. Designing training to accommodate both audiences simultaneously (physical and virtual at the same event) is a challenge to say the least.

Classroom training at its best is when a 'learner-centric environment' is established and maintained while the instructor intelligently follows the instructional design. Online training has its own timings, user interface and a different set of tools - polls, emoticons, etc. with which to build an online 'learner-centric' environment. Building both into a single high value learning event that runs for a number of hours has to be an incorporation of all the factors, something less focused than for either individual audience.

In the light of the above, Rezound are only offering physical attended classes or purely virtual classes.

Key Features of Rezound's 'Attend Virtually'

  • State of the art, high performance technology including Citrix GoToMeeting and high-end hosted 'labs'. See performance videos below.
  • Virtual attendance only to allow the instructor to concentrate on virtual learning.
  • Small class sizes - 8 attendees maximum for public courses
  • High quality headset provided
  • Printed manuals included. You'll ideally need two screens - one for the 'hands-on', the other for GoToMeeting
  • Best price - typically 40% saving - compared to the UK's major provider

Available Courses

Some courses require high-end technology in order to provide the course attendee with a 'hands-on' experience. These are candidates for Rezound's 'Attend Virtually' and include:

  • Microsoft's Infrastructure and Developer training - e.g. Windows Server 2012/2016 or Visual Studio
  • CompTIA's technical courses

Other subject areas don't require technical 'hands-on' labs and so we're delivering them via GoToMeeting or GoToTraining as appropriate. These include:

  • PRINCE2®, AgilePM® and other 'Best Practice' courses

Rezound are releasing a large number of new titles - for example we've scheduled 16 new SQL Server and Windows Server 2016 courses this week alone.

Watch Actual Real-Time Access of an Example Course

This real-time video shows just how fast Rezound's 'Attend Virtually' hands-on environment is:


Actual 'Hands-On' Server Environment

This real-time video shows the generous resource allocation far exceeding the course's requirements:

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