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POST: Crowd-Train: UK-Wide Alternative to Over-Priced Essential IT Training

24 July 2016


Crowd-Train Initiative - Update Pending

The Crowd-Train Initiative proposes a new, technology driven, model to provide realistically priced essential IT training and certification for businesses and individuals.

Ideally, the initiative will be developed and administered by a not for profit organisation. An MP has been approached to help provide advice, backing and impetus.

Post Brexit the UK is at risk of losing the substantial skills provided by European workers and in any case, suffers from a gap in provision for realistically priced vendor skills training and certification. An affordable, requirements driven, agile, learning and development provision that can keep pace with a fast changing world is needed.

While there's excellent provision in place for longer term apprenticeship programmes and for raising occupational standards, a more immediate solution appears to be missing.

The goal of Crowd-Train is take a UK-Wide view and provide core IT and Business Skills at a frequency, location and price that meets the real demand across the UK. Discussions with a statistical analysis consultancy have shown a workable solution is attainable.


POST: AgilePM® UK's Fastest Growing Project Management Methodology

23 July 2016


Why AgilePM®? - Answers Below!

Join over 40,000 Leading Edge Project Managers - Train with Rezound: 100% Pass Rate!

AgilePM Training London Sheffield Weekend
Updated 15/3/2017

Agile skills are in demand and are no longer just for IT projects - banking, construction, healthcare plus many other sectors can all benefit.

The flexibility and responsiveness in gaining real business value is attractive to start-ups and established organisations alike.

Key Benefits from Adopting Agile Practices

  • Fast Returns / Speed to Market
  • The Right Solution - On Time and On Budget
  • Customer Satisfaction due to Increased Collaboration

Quick Comparison - AgilePM® Foundation and Practitioner Providers

ProviderClass Capacity / MakeupDurationPass RateList Price (Ex. VAT)
  • 16 Physical Classroom
  • 16 combined Physical & Virtual
5 DaysNot on website£2363 - QA Website 15/3/2017
£2239 on 23/7/2016
5.5% rise (UK inflation 1.6%)
  • 10 Physical Classroom
  • 8 Weekend Classroom
  • 8 Pure Virtual Classroom
4 Days100%From £1195 - offers available

What's in the blog?


POST: SQL Server 2016 New MCSA / MCSE and Upgrade Paths

21 July 2016


SQL Server 2016 NEW Certifications - The New MCSAs!

Value-Focused, Requirements Driven Online Training from Rezound

Updated 15/3/2017

Whether you're upgrading from 2008 or 2012 or entirely new to SQL Server 2016 we're very pleased to announce our new schedule to enable you to attain the necessary level of skill required to succeed.

Possibly you'll also be looking to gain your MCP / MCSA / MCSE with convenience and at an excellent price.

Quick Comparison - SQL Server MCSA Course Pricing

Training Provider / ProductClass Capacity / MakeupMS 10986 Updating Your Skills to SQL Server 2016
QA / 'Attend from Anywhere'16 combined Physical & Virtual Attendees£1464
Rezound / 'Attend Virtually'8 Attendees - Virtual Only£945
Attend from Anywhere courses

What's in the blog?

  • SQL Server 2016 Course List
  • SQL Server 2016 MCSA / MCSE Requirements including upgrading
  • Coming soon - MCSE Requirements (Not published by Microsoft as yet)

POST: Rezound's 'Attend Virtually' Online Training Environment

17 July 2016


Rezound 'Attend Virtually' - True Virtual Training and Certification!

Value-Focused, Requirements Driven Online Training

Introducing our newly extended virtual training with greatly increased bandwidth and system resources.

The technology utilised provides not just the ability to attend from anywhere but to achieve from anywhere. You're able to study in a true online and real-time learning environment and you're now also able to take your exams in your own office or home!

Quick Comparison - 'Attend from Anywhere' to 'Attend Virtually'

Training Provider / ProductTraining PlatformClass Size / MakeupHands-On Equipment
QA / 'Attend from Anywhere'Citrix GoToMeeting16 combined Physical & Virtual AttendeesQA Managed
Rezound / 'Attend Virtually'Citrix GoToMeeting or GoToTraining8 Attendees - Virtual OnlyCommercial UK Data Centre Hosted & Managed or Microsoft Hosted
Attend from Anywhere courses

What's in the blog?

  • Key Features of Rezound's Attend Virtually
  • Why Virtual Attendees Only?
  • Which courses are available
  • Rezound's 'Hands-On Labs' environment - real-time demonstration videos

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