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  • You + Microsoft Exam Replay = Certification Success! - Microsoft Exam with Retake
  • Gain a Project Management Qualification and Boost Your Career - FREE Briefing!
  • Achieve PRINCE2® Now! Highest UK Pass Rate with Learner-Friendly Options to Suit You!
  • Crowd-Train Initiative - Alternative training provision for businesses, organisations and individuals
  • AgilePM® UK's Fastest Growing Project Management Methodology - Excellent offers available!
  • SQL server 2016 New MCSA / MCSE and Upgrade Paths - Certification details and savings of up to 66% on QA's pricing!
  • Rezound's 'Attend Virtually' Online Training Environment! - Pure virtual training - alternative to QA's 'Attend from Anywhere'
  • Windows Server 2016 MCSA Training - FREE Course! - Certification details and FREE Online Course!
  • Microsoft MOC On-Demand - Official Training - Best Price on the Web! - Saving of 40% on QA's pricing!
  • QA's Price Discrimination Strategy - Are you paying too much? - Two sites - two pricing schemes!
  • How to Prep for a Microsoft Exam - Video - We're updating this in the next couple of weeks
  • Need a Microsoft Second Shot? Here's the Simple Version! - Second Shot is now closed. A new version is due mid 2016
  • Like a £50 Amazon Voucher? Simply refer us to a colleague! - £50 for a successful referral

POST: Microsoft Official Azure Training and Certification Packages

02 April 2017


Microsoft Official Azure Training - Learning and Certification Packages + FREE Course

Excellent service, fast, personal, pleasant and very customer-orientated. And that at the lowest possible prices we could find!
Erik Schakenbos, Information Manager, Hoogvliet BV
FREE Azure Course

Here's the blog summary:

  • Choose your best Azure self-study package
  • 24/7 access via SkillPipe
  • Learning packages can include actual Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC) used in Microsoft instructor-led training!
  • Start your FREE Official Microsoft Azure Course
  • Dive deeper into Azure's fundamentals - official course
  • Gain Azure Developer MCP status - includes official manual, hands-on labs, practice test and exam!
  • Gain Azure Infrastructure MCP status - includes official manual, hands-on labs, practice test and exam!
  • SAVE OVER 31% - compared to QA's pricing

Expand your skills / career opportunities in the cloud with offers that combine training and industry-recognized Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certifications.

Choose the tools that can help you to succeed - from free on-demand learning to full Microsoft Azure certification packages including MCP exam prep and retake opportunities.

Choose the Azure training offer, possibly with certification, that best meets your needs:


POST: Microsoft Certified Trainer MCT - How to Achieve MCT

02 December 2016


Microsoft Certified Trainer - Become a Premier Technical and Instructional Expert.

Microsoft Certified Technical Training MCT Training Course
Updated 15/3/2017

Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT) are the premier technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies.

Book Now - Gain YOUR MCT - Last Few Places

Our December promotion is being very well received and we've the last couple of places remaining for next CTT

Join this exclusive group of Microsoft technical training professionals and reap the benefits of MCT training certification and membership, including access to the complete library of official Microsoft training and certification products; substantial discounts on exams, books, and Microsoft products; readiness resources and access to a members-only online community; and invitations to exclusive events and programs.

Example of CTT+ Success - October 2016

Mahdi B. travelled to Sheffield from Algiers and completed his three day course, passed the TK0-201 Computer Based Test and then completed his TK0-202 Video Submission all within a few working days. This, combined with his Microsoft certifications enables him to achieve MCT status.

Why should you become a Microsoft Certified Trainer?

Ninety-three percent of US companies say they are “not where they want to be” in terms of IT skills (CompTIA, State of the IT Skills Gap, February 2012).


POST: Adobe Certified Instructor ACI - How to Achieve Adobe ACI

01 December 2016


Adobe Certified Instructor - Spread the knowledge. Become an ACI.

Adobe ACI Training Course
Updated 15/3/2017

Discount for #AdobeSummit EMEA Attendees - see below

If you're training or teaching Abobe products then the best qualification is to be certified by Adobe.

By becoming an Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) you'll receive industry recognition and direct support from Adobe to make your classes successful. You'll have access to training materials, timely product updates and promotional materials.

What is the Requirement for ACI?

An Adobe Certified Instructor needs to be an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) with an instructor qualification - CompTIA's Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) is ideal.

Do I Have to be an ACE First?

You can attain the certifications in any order, CTT+ first or ACE first.

It may be most efficient to gain your CTT+ first from a course timing perspective. You don't need to have Adobe certifications to achieve your CTT+.

How Can Rezound Help?


POST: You + Microsoft Exam Replay = Certification Success! Best Web Price Rezound

18 November 2016


NEW: Microsoft Exam Replay - DISCOUNT Exam Retake Plus!

Microsoft Exam Replay Cheapest

You + Microsoft Exam Replay = Certification Success! Choose the best Exam Replay option for you now.

Getting certified can boost your career, and now you have another chance at success. Microsoft Exam Replay gives you more options and can help improve your exam odds. Whether you get an exam retake or an exam retake combined with a practice test, you choose what you need to succeed.

Rezound are offering Microsoft Exam Replay in two variations:

  1. Standard offering with a single retake
  2. Including a 30 Day Online MeasureUp Practice Test

If you need multiple Microsoft Exam Replays, contact Rezound.

What's in the blog?


POST: Gain a Project Management Qualification and Boost Your Career - FREE Briefing!

24 October 2016


Master Project Management - 2016 Salary Upturn*
FREE Training Session - Book YOUR Place NOW!

PRINCE2 Training London Sheffield Weekend
Updated 15/3/2017

Below, we discuss the need for project management and related project roles. We also describe why achieving your project management qualification matters.

What's in the blog?

Project Management - What It is Not

Maybe you've watched with amusement/horror as the candidates on The Apprentice trample over each other while demonstrating their 'project management' skills. Often the result is a less than fit-for-purpose solution and the team resort to back-biting and recrimination.

Grand Designs almost always concludes with an amazing build though its rarely on time and on budget. Unlike in the real world, extra funding magically appears at the last minute.

Both shows make compelling viewing though neither meet the ideals of true project management. You'll know you can do better, even distinguish yourself.

Project Management - What It is and How to Become Qualified


POST: Achieve PRINCE2® Now! Highest UK Pass Rate with Learner-Friendly Options to Suit You!

26 September 2016


Achieve YOUR PRINCE2® Now! - Learner-Friendly Options Below!

Join 100,000's of Leading Edge Project Managers - Train with Rezound: Exceptional Pass Rate!

PRINCE2 Training London Sheffield Weekend
Updated 15/3/2017

Project Management skills are in demand - banking, construction, healthcare, IT plus many other sectors can all benefit.

Key Benefits from Adopting PRINCE2

  • Can be applied to any type of project within any industry sector
  • Widely recognized and understood - a common vocabulary for all involved in a project
  • The 'de facto' standard for project management - an excellent CV enhancer
  • Generic best practice method tailorable to the specific needs of all projects - including Agile delivery

PRINCE2 2017 Refresh: What's New & How does it Affect You?

AXELOS have announced a refresh of PRINCE2. Below in the blog we cover the key points:

  • How much has PRINCE2 changed and what are the key updates?
  • Should I study PRINCE2 2009 or PRINCE2 2017?
  • I'm due to renew my registration - what should I do?
  • Has the exam format changed and are they harder?

Quick Comparison - PRINCE2® Training Providers - Weekday Event

ProviderClass Capacity / MakeupDurationPass RateList Price (Ex. VAT)
  • 16 Physical Classroom
  • 16 combined Physical & Virtual
5 DaysNot on website£1869 - QA Website 15/3/2017
  • 10 Physical Classroom
  • 8 Weekend Classroom
  • 8 Pure Virtual Classroom
5 Days100% Foundation / Excellent Practitioner £995 - multiple offers available

What's in the blog?


POST: Crowd-Train: UK-Wide Alternative to Over-Priced Essential IT Training

24 July 2016


Crowd-Train Initiative - Update Pending

The Crowd-Train Initiative proposes a new, technology driven, model to provide realistically priced essential IT training and certification for businesses and individuals.

Ideally, the initiative will be developed and administered by a not for profit organisation. An MP has been approached to help provide advice, backing and impetus.

Post Brexit the UK is at risk of losing the substantial skills provided by European workers and in any case, suffers from a gap in provision for realistically priced vendor skills training and certification. An affordable, requirements driven, agile, learning and development provision that can keep pace with a fast changing world is needed.

While there's excellent provision in place for longer term apprenticeship programmes and for raising occupational standards, a more immediate solution appears to be missing.

The goal of Crowd-Train is take a UK-Wide view and provide core IT and Business Skills at a frequency, location and price that meets the real demand across the UK. Discussions with a statistical analysis consultancy have shown a workable solution is attainable.


POST: AgilePM® UK's Fastest Growing Project Management Methodology

23 July 2016


Why AgilePM®? - Answers Below!

Join over 40,000 Leading Edge Project Managers - Train with Rezound: 100% Pass Rate!

AgilePM Training London Sheffield Weekend
Updated 15/3/2017

Agile skills are in demand and are no longer just for IT projects - banking, construction, healthcare plus many other sectors can all benefit.

The flexibility and responsiveness in gaining real business value is attractive to start-ups and established organisations alike.

Key Benefits from Adopting Agile Practices

  • Fast Returns / Speed to Market
  • The Right Solution - On Time and On Budget
  • Customer Satisfaction due to Increased Collaboration

Quick Comparison - AgilePM® Foundation and Practitioner Providers

ProviderClass Capacity / MakeupDurationPass RateList Price (Ex. VAT)
  • 16 Physical Classroom
  • 16 combined Physical & Virtual
5 DaysNot on website£2363 - QA Website 15/3/2017
£2239 on 23/7/2016
5.5% rise (UK inflation 1.6%)
  • 10 Physical Classroom
  • 8 Weekend Classroom
  • 8 Pure Virtual Classroom
4 Days100%From £1195 - offers available

What's in the blog?


POST: SQL Server 2016 New MCSA / MCSE and Upgrade Paths

21 July 2016


SQL Server 2016 NEW Certifications - The New MCSAs!

Value-Focused, Requirements Driven Online Training from Rezound

Updated 15/3/2017

Whether you're upgrading from 2008 or 2012 or entirely new to SQL Server 2016 we're very pleased to announce our new schedule to enable you to attain the necessary level of skill required to succeed.

Possibly you'll also be looking to gain your MCP / MCSA / MCSE with convenience and at an excellent price.

Quick Comparison - SQL Server MCSA Course Pricing

Training Provider / ProductClass Capacity / MakeupMS 10986 Updating Your Skills to SQL Server 2016
QA / 'Attend from Anywhere'16 combined Physical & Virtual Attendees£1464
Rezound / 'Attend Virtually'8 Attendees - Virtual Only£945
Attend from Anywhere courses

What's in the blog?

  • SQL Server 2016 Course List
  • SQL Server 2016 MCSA / MCSE Requirements including upgrading
  • Coming soon - MCSE Requirements (Not published by Microsoft as yet)

POST: Rezound's 'Attend Virtually' Online Training Environment

17 July 2016


Rezound 'Attend Virtually' - True Virtual Training and Certification!

Value-Focused, Requirements Driven Online Training

Introducing our newly extended virtual training with greatly increased bandwidth and system resources.

The technology utilised provides not just the ability to attend from anywhere but to achieve from anywhere. You're able to study in a true online and real-time learning environment and you're now also able to take your exams in your own office or home!

Quick Comparison - 'Attend from Anywhere' to 'Attend Virtually'

Training Provider / ProductTraining PlatformClass Size / MakeupHands-On Equipment
QA / 'Attend from Anywhere'Citrix GoToMeeting16 combined Physical & Virtual AttendeesQA Managed
Rezound / 'Attend Virtually'Citrix GoToMeeting or GoToTraining8 Attendees - Virtual OnlyCommercial UK Data Centre Hosted & Managed or Microsoft Hosted
Attend from Anywhere courses

What's in the blog?

  • Key Features of Rezound's Attend Virtually
  • Why Virtual Attendees Only?
  • Which courses are available
  • Rezound's 'Hands-On Labs' environment - real-time demonstration videos

POST: Windows Server 2016 MCSA Training - FREE Course!

01 June 2016


Windows Server 2016 is Here! - Microsoft Official Training - FREE / Best Value on the Web!

Windows 2016 training

Windows Server 2016 is here to transform the way you work in the best ways:

  • Cloud-ready operating system - supports your current workloads
  • New technologies for easy to transition to cloud computing
  • Powerful new layers of security
  • Azure-inspired innovation for the applications and infrastructure that power your business

Contact us now for your FREE 'Windows Server 2016 First Look Clinic' lab access key! Limited numbers: First-come, first-served.

What's in the blog?

  • Training to suit you - including FREE 'First Look Clinic'
  • Windows 2016 MCSA Certification - start afresh or upgrade from 2008 or 2012
  • Rezound's Amazing Introductory Offer

POST: Microsoft MOC On-Demand - Official Training - Best Price on the Web!

10 March 2016


Microsoft MOC On-Demand - Microsoft Official Training at YOUR Pace! Best Price on the Web!

We're very pleased to be able to provide you with an additional approach to learning Microsoft technologies.

MOC On Demand

Now you've yet more learning options and can learn at your own pace, in your own time wherever you've internet access!

MOC On-Demand Webshop

Contact us for your FREE demonstration lab access key!

What's in the blog?

  • Key Features of MOC On-Demand
  • Rezound's Amazing Introductory Offer
  • Microsoft's Introductory Video
  • Full list and further details of the available titles
  • Videos demonstrating MOC On-Demand in detail

Key Features of Microsoft Official Courses (MOC) On-Demand

  • High-quality video based on-demand online training
  • Live hands-on labs and knowledge checks
  • Self-paced format to help build skills
  • All at once learning or five minutes at a time
  • Students have 90 days to complete a course
  • Access in the office, at home, or on-the-go
  • Official Microsoft learning product - subjects include:
    • Windows Server 2012
    • System Center
    • Visual Studio / .NET Web Development
    • Exchange and SharePoint
    • PowerShell
    • Plus many more...
  • See lower down the blog for the full list

Rezound's Amazing Introductory Offer

  • FREE Sample Product Access - simply email us for an access voucher!
  • Best price - 40% cheaper than QA - just £295 (introductory) compared to £495 (exclusive of VAT) - AND WITH:-
    • 50% Exam Saving Microsoft Exam Voucher (worth £113 / just £56) for purchases in December 2016 while stocks last!
    • FREE MeasureUp Practice Test (worth £83 RRP)
    • FREE Exam preparation material
  • Order YOURS Now! - Simply contact us

Introductory Video for Microsoft MOC On-Demand

We've much more detail and further instructional videos further down the blog - full demonstrations of the product!


POST: QA's Price Discrimination Strategy - Are you paying too much?

20 January 2016

Why Pay QA?

QA's Price Discrimination Strategy - Are you paying too much?

Updated 15/3/2017

QA - the UK's largest training provider and 'preferred supplier' for many organisations has what might be described as a 'Jekyll and Hyde' approach to their customers.

Here's just two examples for EXACTLY the same QA course, on the same date and at the same location!

View the Video - Includes QA's Staff Describing their Perks!


Compare QA and Focus On Training Pricing for the Exact Same Event!

Website PriceCourse Location Date
QA£2231 Installing and Configuring Windows 10 Birmingham - Hill Street, B5 4UA 17/07/2017
Focus On Training (QA Owned*) £1495 - 33% less!Installing and Configuring Windows 10 Birmingham - Hill Street, B5 4UA17/07/2017
QA£3345 VMware vSphere 6.5: Install, Configure, Manage International House, London, E1W 1UN 10/07/2017
Focus On Training (QA Owned*) £2395 - 28% less!VMware vSphere 6.5: Install, Configure, Manage International House, London, E1W 1UN10/07/2017

Prices shown on respective websites 15/3/2017.

Example Price Change History on QA Main Website

Here's an example for Installing and Configuring Windows 10. There's been over a 6% price rise in under 8 months on the main QA site while Focus on Training remained constant for the example courses. Other prices changed with a different pattern - QA's main site generally showing a greater increase.

Sample DatePrice

You will find literally hundreds of equivalent listings for:

  • PRINCE2®
  • Microsoft
  • VMware and many others!

Its surprising to find that QA are selling their courses at two vastly different prices for exactly the same product on the same dates and at the same locations!

*QA openly state that they own Focus on Training and both companies are registered to the same address. The disparity in pricing doesn't appear to be down to marketing practices such as 'Early Bird' or 'Late Deal' discounts as the price differences run consistently over many months. So the conclusion must be they have a two tier approach which could be viewed rather cynically and is contrary to the statements on the 'Our Values' and other sections of their website.

This pricing strategy, where the same product is sold at differing prices, is often referred to as 'Price Discrimination'. Usually they'd be a clear differentiator such as reduced rates for students or pensioners but in this case it appears to be based purely on prospective customer's web search habits and savviness - a vague demographic at best and potentially very costly to busy HR departments sourcing training!

Preferred Supplier Contracts

Many organisations, including local government, have negotiated 'preferred supplier' agreements with QA based on their reputation and reach. A reasonable public question is what pricing model these have been negotiated in line with and hence whether value for money is being achieved?

Another aspect to this is that lower volume customers, paying the higher of QA's prices, may well be subsidising some otherwise non-viable preferred supplier contracts!

This would allow QA to exercise control over purchasing by major customers including local government.

Motivation - Substantial Financial Rewards?

The UK training market has relatively few independent providers remaining and virtually all the major players are now at least part owned by overseas investors. Once the fixed costs of an event have been met adding further attendees greatly increases the potential profit. Here's an example:

Example Classroom Revenue - £32,160!

16 attendees on a 5 day Microsoft course at QA's advertised price the revenue for a single event will be:

  • £32,160 exclusive of VAT with a very high percentage of profit

There's so much revenue in practice that QA actually negotiated a £50 million refinancing package - not something that can easily be done without evidence of substantial potential rewards!


POST: How to Prep for a Microsoft Exam - Video

09 December 2015

MCP Exams
Prepare for MCP Exam

How to Prep for a Microsoft Exam - The Art and The Science!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Here's our quick video to help you prepare for any Microsoft Exam:

  • Whats on the Exam? - How to scope out your exam's objectives
  • Just Enough Learning Theory to Succeed - make sure your valuable study time is efficiently used
  • Managing Your Learning - discounted and FREE resources
  • Am I Ready? - How to assess your knowledge of the exam's subject area

Here's the MCP Exam Preparation Video!

We've included a light-hearted introduction that's based on conversations we've had with learners.


POST: Need a Microsoft Second Shot? Here's the Simple Version!

03 December 2015

Certification Microsoft
Second Shot Microsoft Sheffield Exam

Second Shot: Here's the Simple Version

For a limited time, take any Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) exam, and get a free retake if you don’t pass!

The Second Shot requires you to have scheduled an exam to take between between July 12, 2015, and January 12, 2016. If you don't pass then you need to schedule an appointment for your free retake within the next 30 calendar days of the initial appointment.

Disclaimer - we're providing this information purely to illustrate the main rules and can take no responsibility for your exam bookings made directly via Pearson / Microsoft.

Here's an example:

  1. Joe sits his exam on 4th December 2015 and unfortunately fails
  2. As his original exam included a Second Shot, he must schedule his free retake (via the Microsoft webpage) by the end of 2nd January 2016
  3. There must be a slot available at a Pearson VUE centre - Microsoft will have this exact information on their site at the time of scheduling
  4. The actual appointment of the retake can be after the 30 days - Joe could sit his retake in March 2016

POST: Like a £50 Amazon Voucher? Simply refer us to a colleague!

15 November 2015

Free Amazon Voucher

Receive a free Amazon Voucher worth £50!

As you're browsing our website we hope that you'll find one or more of our courses or services that are appropriate for you immediately.

If you see something that will be appropriate for a colleague then simply refer them to us and we'll forward a £50 Amazon Voucher to you as soon as the booking is confirmed and paid for!

Why are we doing this? Simple - it means we can concentrate on our course delivery and less on marketing. Of course you'll benefit too!


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