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DurationFour Days (Two Weekends)
ExaminationsFoundation and Practitioner Included!
FormatInstructor-led with Pre-Reading Assignment
London AgilePM Weekend  
Sheffield AgilePM Weekend
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Rezound provide official AgilePM training for Sheffield, London, Leeds, Manchester, Yorkshire and at your site in the UK.

Agile Project Management Residential Training Courses

Maximise your study time by making your Agile Project Management course residential. Take the opportunity to study, relax and fully concentrate on your new qualification without a daily commute.

Course Details


This APMG authorised true weekend course addresses the needs of professionals, including career changers, who due to time constraints will benefit from an alternative to the standard four day event. The course covers both the foundation and practitioner level for project team members who are, or aim to be, working in project-focused environments which require the efficiencies of Agile.

Agile Project Management is based on the long-standing DSDM Atern® (Dynamic Systems Development Method) and it provides organisations with standards, rigour and visibility while enabling the Solution Development Team to make the best use of their knowledge and skills.

We pride ourselves on the overall quality and success of our training. Key features of our Agile Project Management courses include:

  • Experienced APMG accredited trainer
  • APMG accredited courseware
  • Official Agile Project Management Handbook
  • Foundation and Practitioner Examinations
  • Maximum of ten attendees - some providers have fifteen plus and even up to twenty-five people at an event
  • Air conditioned rooms - another national provider does not provide this even in the examination room
  • True weekend course - some providers begin Friday
  • Lunch - a quality lunch and refreshments are provided

Legal Notice

The APMG Swirl Agile Project Management Device is a Trade Mark of APM Group Limited

Agile Project Management® Training delivered In Association with Raj Khanna Associates Limited, who are an Accredited Training Organisation for APMG UK


This weekend course incorporates the following examinations:


No prior experience is necessary. This weekend course is suitable for existing or aspiring project managers, team members and managers from any discipline. A detailed understanding of Agile Project Management is beneficial for everyone involved in Agile projects at any level.


At completion the delegate will understand Agile Project Management at the Foundation and Practitioner Level and will have knowledge and insight into:

  • Agile Project Management's Philosophy
  • The Eight Principles
  • Managing an Agile project
  • Difference of management style compared to 'traditional' projects
  • Integration with PRINCE2®


No prior experience is necessary as the pre-reading and training provide a solid foundation in the subject area.

Previous experience of project management methodologies such as PRINCE2® is useful where the delegate may be in an environment utilising both 'traditional' and Agile methods.

Course Materials

All the required materials are provided as part of the course and these include:

  • The 'Agile Project Management Handbook' published by DSDM® Consortium
  • Comprehensive APMG Accredited Courseware
  • Pre-reading Guidance

Course Outline

For this Weekend Agile Project Management Course a pre-event preparation pack including pre-reading guidance is sent to everyone attending the event. The course is built around the latest APM Group syllabus and features an interesting case study. This illustrates the Agile Project Management methodology and helps the learner gain understanding of Agile Project Management's concepts and application. Delegates will need to spend approximately five hours studying in order to be fully prepared for the course.

The course is delivered by our expert trainer and incorporates highly effective interactive classroom techniques to ensure that the concepts and skills are acquired and retained. Over the two weekends the following topics are introduced, discussed, practised and applied:

  • The Fundamentals and the Philosophy
  • The Principles
  • Preparation
  • The Lifecycle and Products
  • Team structures
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Communication
  • MoSCoW and Timeboxing
  • Lifecycle Configuration
  • Estimation and Measurement
  • Quality and Maintainability
  • Planning, Control and Risk
  • Implementing Agile Project Management

The instructor will discuss the best approach to success in the examinations and mock questions will be made available during the course to ensure the delegates are prepared. To ensure quality and continuity, the instructor will be in email contact with the learners during the intervening days.

Agile Project Management Foundation Examination

In the morning of the third day (second Saturday) of the course a knowledge consolidation review session is followed by the Foundation Examination. Full details and recommended preparation are provided during the course:

Agile Project Management Foundation Examination:

  • 1 Hour Duration
  • 60 questions
  • 30+ marks (50% or above) to pass
  • Multiple Choice Format
  • Closed Book

The course continues on the third and fourth days (second weekend):

  • Practitioner level training
  • Presentation and discussion of successful examination techniques with practitioner level question practise and review
  • Facilitated review time

Agile Project Management Practitioner Examination

In the afternoon of the fourth day the Practitioner Examination is taken. Full details are provided during the course:

Agile Project Management Practitioner Examination:

  • 2 Hour Duration
  • 4 questions
  • 'Objective Testing' format - scenario, question and answer booklet
  • 15 marks per question
  • 30+ marks (50% or above) to pass
  • Complex Multiple Choice Format
  • Open Book ('Agile Project Management Handbook' only)

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