Briefing Information
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Duration90 Minutes
Delivery MethodInstructor-led
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Rezound provide official AGPMB Free Agile Awareness Briefing - London and Sheffield training for Sheffield, London, Leeds, Manchester, Yorkshire and at your site in the UK.

Briefing Information


Here's an excellent opportunity to attend a free Agile awareness briefing and learn about AgilePM - the UK's fastest growing project management methodology! Agile Project Management™ (AgilePM®) aims to address the needs of those working in a project-focused environment who want to be Agile.

Led by our experienced and authorised AgilePM Trainer with a 100% pass rate, you'll gain insight into the fundamentals of how AgilePM enables delivery of value in organisations requiring standards, rigour and visibility around Project Management, while at the same time enabling the fast pace, change and empowerment provided by Agile.

Attendees will qualify for a 10% discount when they book an AgilePM course!

Light refreshments are provided.

Legal Notice

The APMG Swirl Agile Project Management Device is a Trade Mark of APM Group Limited Agile Project Management®

Training delivered in Association with Raj Khanna Associates Limited, who are an Accredited Training Organisation for APMG UK

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This free Agile awareness briefing is suitable for project managers, team members and managers from any discipline wishing to gain an overview of Agile Project Management.

Briefing Learning Objectives

At completion, students will have gained high level understanding of the:

  • Philosophy and principles of Agile
  • Lifecycle of an Agile project
  • Techniques used and their major benefits and limitations
  • Roles and responsibilities within an Agile project
  • AgilePM training and certification process


Before attending this briefing, attendees should ideally have:

  • An interest or experience in project management and in particular Agile methodologies such as AgilePM.
  • Although not essential, knowledge of PRINCE2 or similar 'traditional' project management methodologies is useful as it allows the attendee to compare approaches.
  • Similarly, though far from essential, a knowledge of SCRUM will enable comparison of AgilePM's complementary delivery approach and demonstrate how it adds control whilst adhering to the philosophy of Agile.


Agile Awareness Briefing handouts and appropriate note-taking materials are provided.

Course Outline

Introduction to AgilePM

During this AgilePM briefing you'll be introduced at a high level to the philosophy, concepts and techniques of the UK's fastest growing project management methodology.

The briefing material, drawn from latest APM Group syllabus, covers the main features of the Agile Project Management methodology.

The briefing is delivered by our expert trainer and incorporates highly effective interactive classroom techniques to ensure that the concepts and skills are acquired and retained.

Lessons and Activities

  • The Fundamentals and the Philosophy
  • The Principles
  • The Lifecycle and Products
  • Team structures Roles and Responsibilities
  • Communication
  • MoSCoW and Timeboxing
  • Estimation and Measurement
  • Quality and Maintainability
  • Planning, Control and Risk
  • AgilePM Training and Certification

Instructor-led Discussions

  • The Principles
  • The Lifecycle
  • Team structures Roles
  • MoSCoW and Timeboxing
  • Estimation
  • Planning

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